3D scan of myself, animated with

I was born at night.
It was a fire time of an earth day, and the air was warm and pouring wet.
Fate it was, then, that I was a hybrid.
But I did not know that; I did not know that until I was me and not everyone else.

Since I was born, I could spit fire. When my mind lights up, I can spit fire.
When I was young, I could not control the fire in me. I was predicted to be a rebel by my superiors. Some tried to control me, some didn’t, but I was too free to be unfree.

I was born at night.
From the shell of an egg I came; half eagle, half snake; a feminine activity, a masculine passivity.
I was taught to move through earth, and subsequently, through water. And, ah, what a sweet discovery; I spent days and days and days underwater.
But I discovered myself that I could also fly. I taught myself how to fly, and ever since, I have never and will never stop.

I was born at night.
But I was told to live the day and rest the night. I tried to be like the rest, and failed, but one night, I discovered life at night. There, I met my community.
The night is an intense place, so dark, it gets to you. It gets into your core, without revealing your shell. At night one is anonymous, one can be whoever and whatever.
So that is where I created myself.

From the shell of an egg I came; an ecstatic explosion, layer by layer, even the softest, revealing my core.
I slithered, I swam, I hopped, I flew… in the imaginary Eden I was; I was everything and nothing.

I was born at night, but then the morning arrived.
Every ray of light that emerged from the sky, every piece of me I lost to the dust.
The dust that alone is invisible but together is unstoppable. The dust that we can only see if enlightened.
I became ashes, ready for the force of the wind to take me.
But I am magic, and now, from the ashes I emerge, fighting the force.
Because the night is as powerful as the day.

A virtual rituality experience.

Let me seduce you with this story, a self-portrait of a spirit animal: half eagle, half snake, my yin and yang energies balancing each other. I am as much fire as I am earth, as much water as I am air – what Huitzilopochtli pointed out as the Aztec establishment, the Mexican symbol - but in this story, the eagle doesn't eat the snake, "masculinity" doesn't conquer "femininity"; they come together, become one. Let yourself be enchanted by my dances. Listen to the beat and feel.

interactive performance

void void void start

shx is coming
rewriting redefining repositioning
reowning reclaiming rebooting
opening new circuits of connections
creating currents of electricity
flowing through a network that demands her hacking

shx is the future, the antagonist of patriarchal reigns,
gliding across worlds, a hybrid creature free from borders, emancipated: beast

shx shapes,
form and face shx changes

shx is mothxr, matrix and thousands of names

shx manifests in all that is living: earth, moon, sun, star, seed, wave, tree, spirit, animal, they, them
shx is many
shx is us


void void void setup

prisoners of patriarchy, capitalism, subordination
feeling anger and sharing frustration
the fire of their souls burning
toxins raising, exhaling from their bodies, spreading: viral

sie ist das Virus, dass das System verändern wird
ellxs son el virus que alterará el sistema
saya adalah virus yang akan mengubah sistem
we are the virus that will disrupt the system

call her

witch bruja hexe
slut puta schlampe
cunt perra hure
whore zorra fotze
bitch loba flittchen

shx is

mothxr madrx muttxr
sistxr hermanx schwestxr
daughtxr hijx tochtxr
friendx amigx freundxn
goddxss diosx göttxn

we are here to unleash, unbound
diving deep into fragments of this our political poetry
it’s time for alignment, time to expand our biomagnetic fields

void void void update


we are cyberwitches
in this hybrid space
transforming codes into complex networks
mirroring patterns as above, so below
we embody the souls of the divine goddxssxs

daughtxrs of the moon, Müttxr der Sonne, hermanxs de la tierra
sexual beings, natural beings
exploring our bodies as our own territory
entangled in the roots, linking us to the matrix

as the current unites us
our power allows us to re-engineer the world

fire, water, earth and air will we fuse

burning, wetting, reconstructing, deconstructing

the flowers of justice bloom
the fruits of freedom ripen
for shaping a world which prejudice claims no more victims
for reclaiming the corrupted system

ecstatic, in trance, celebrating,
shouting together
in the current void
we are the future voice


conductive ink
Unity 3D
Ableton Live

sWitches is a constellation formed by
Ella Hebendanz, Ines DeRu, pamela varela
We explore the convergence of technology/nature/sexuality
as a new space for feminism/community/empowerment

tECkhnO magick ~ wwwitchkraft ☽
𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕖 ∘ 𝕥𝕖𝕔𝕙 ∘ 𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕒 ∘ 𝕤𝕖𝕩

performing our poetic-political manifesto
exploring our bodies as controllers
narrating our lyrical code through visuals and voice